Recent press coverage and exciting news for Zipline Games, a for hire independent game development studio.

July 2012

Geekwire – Zipline Games pulls in new funding, plans launch of casino title Slots Tycoon
TechCrunch – Mobile Gaming Startup Zipline Games Raises $750,000 More From Seattle Angels

May  2012

PandoDaily – How Two Startups Are Joining Forces To Fix the Mobile Silo Problem
Develop – Double Fine Adventure built with Moai
Gamasutra – Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded adventure game to use the Lua-based Moai Platform
GamesIndustry – Double Fine enlists Moai to make Kickstarter project cross-platform
GeekWire – After Kickstarter success game studios turn to Zipline for help

March  2012

Venturebeat – With 6,000 followers, Zipline launches Moai game-dev platform
Pocketgamer – Zipline Games launches open source dev platform Moai
Xconomy – Zipline’s Moai, Already Earning Revenue, Opens Up for More Devs
GamesIndustry- Future Proof: HTML5, Native Client and the Battle for the Browser
WTIA Announces Winners of the 2012 Industry Achievement Awards

2011 – Zipline launches its first game to showcase Moai engine
Xconomy – Zipline’s Wolf Toss Game Goes for Hat Trick Debut on iOS, Android, Chrome
GamesBeat – Zipline Games launches its first Moai-based mobile game Wolf Toss
VentureBeat – Former Microsoft games chief joins Zipline Games board
GeekWire – Zipline names ex-Microsoft gaming vet Shane Kim to board, raises $400,000
Xconomy – Zipline’s Moai Powering Crimson the First Mobile Game Release through Bungie Aerospace
Gamasutra – Moai Mobile Game Development Platform Launches Open Beta
GAMINGtruth – Moai Game Development Platform Now in Open Beta
GigaOM – As mobile games boom, opportunities abound
VentureBeat – Meet the 8 finalists of our ‘Who’s Got Game?’ contest for best game startup
VentureBeat – Zipline enables real games that run across mobile platforms
Wall Street Journal/AllThingsD – Zipline Games offers a speedier way to market for mobile games
Geekwire – Android and iPhone game development in a snap: That’s the promise of Zipline
Xconomy – Fast Gets Faster: Zipline’s Moai Seeks to Speed Up Mobile Game Development
TechFlash – Zipline aims for speedy mobile game development with Moai
PocketGamer – Zipline announces Moai, its Lua-based cross platform game middleware

Zipline press releases

May 2 2012 – Double Fine Productions Choose Moai Game Development Platform for Double Fine Adventure
March 23 2012 – Zipline Games’ Moai Game Development Platform Leaves Beta, Offers Free Use of Moai Cloud Services Through April 30.
December 8 2011 – Wolf Toss from Zipline Games Is First Title Launched Simultaneously for iOS, Android and as a Native Client Game for Chrome
October 10 2011 – Zipline Games Adds Moai Platform Support for Google Chrome
August 8 2011 – Shane Kim, Former VP of Microsoft Game Studios, Joins Zipline Games Board of Directors
July 6 2011 – Zipline Games’ Moai Game Development Platform Now in Open Beta
July 1 2011 – Zipline Games Chosen For VentureBeat’sMobileBeat 2011 ‘Who’s Got Game?’ Competition
April 4 2011 – Zipline Games Launches Beta of Moai Game Development Platform

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